Social Anxiety and School Refusal in Adolescence

Anne Miers has won the the PhD article award

Anne Miers has won the the PhD article award 2009-2010 for her article: Peer Perceptions of Social Skills in Socially Anxious and Nonanxious Adolescents.

This article is part of Anne's dissertation: Bias or Reality? and was published in the Journal of Abnormal Child Psychology in 2010.
Co-authors of this article are Anke Blöte and Michiel Westenberg.

From the jury's report: This study is the first in which socially anxious children are judged by their peers instead of trained adults. It has a strong design, including a large group of respondents and peer observers, and control of potentially confounding variables. It provides an answer to the question: ‘Do socially anxious children have inadequate social skills?’ and it has clear implications for clinical practice. The article is lucid, well-written and shows great craftsmanship.

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